FL-70RGB Video Light
What's noticeable straight away is that the FL-70RGB has been designed in a very stylish manner. Smartphone in size and 190g, the gunmetal grey colouring for the anodised aluminium body really stands out, with industrial looking grip markings cut diagonally into the long sides to add to its rugged appearance and feel. The front is given over nearly entirely to the LED array behind a translucent protective plastic cover, with a battery capacity marking at the bottom stating 4000mAh of performance. A wrist strap mount can be found on one corner, while 1/4" tripod mounts have been added to the bottom and side for a variety of mounting options on and off camera. On the bottom can also be found a USB A port for using the light as a power bank to charge devices, and a USB C port for charging the unit itself. Finally, the rear of the light has a built-in display showing battery level, lighting mode, and settings for each respective lighting mode. A handy HSL (hue, saturation and luminance) wheel is printed on the back too to aid your setup when working with the light's colour spectrum.

Settings and Performance
The FL-70RGB Video Light offers a great range of features to suite both video and stills shooters. The controls are simple to use, given the limitation to one button and one button/rocker switch in controlling the various options. The first button controls power on/off along with the mode - one of three lighting modes can be selected, scrolling through colour temp, HSL and special function modes.

Colour temperature mode allows you to alter the warmth of the light, from the yellow of 2600K through to the blue of 6000K. The rocker switch allows changes in temperature through 100K increments between these two extremes, while a downward press of the switch changes the setting selection mode to that of brightness. Brightness can be adjusted from 0-100% in 1% increments, which is fantastically versatile, and very bright at 100%! A further press of the rocker switch allows you to return to adjusting the colour temperature.

HSL mode can be reached through a press of the power/mode button, with hue the first setting to be changed with the rocker switch. Using the printed diagram next to the screen, any colour in the RGB spectrum can be selected through 360º of adjustability. Colours are scrolled through in order - red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta - although the rocker switch allows you to scroll clockwise or anticlockwise to get to your chosen colour. Once you have made the easy colour selection though, you might want to adjust the saturation of that hue, and a simple depression of the rocker switch allows you to do that. Likewise with the luminance setting, the adjustability exists in 1% increments from 0-100%. Reducing saturation levels can alter the hue as well though, so it's worth bearing that in mind. Altogether though, there's pretty much infinite adjustability in this lighting mode and it's great to pair them up to select opposing, complimentary colours for more creative effects.

The last lighting mode, the special functions, are aimed more at videographers than photographers, with the unit offering a wide range of effects that need to be recorded in motion picture rather than still images. These modes include:
A & B: two different thunder/lightning storm patterns
C: generic TV flickering
D: slow colour chasing through the RGB spectrum
E: fast colour chasing through the RGB spectrum
F: red and blue emergency service lighting
G: red and white emergency service lighting
H: blue and white emergency service lighting
I: gently flickering candlelight
To switch between the different special functions is easy using the rocker switch, with a little letter and symbol appearing on the screen to help you denote which function you're in. Watching the lighting pattern can of course be a good indicator too. Again though, as with the other two lighting mode, brightness/luminance can be adjusted in this mode too. It's a novel addition that, while not of as much use for me in the line of work I operate in, is a welcome addition that will be important to some.

Using the light as a power bank is as easy as plugging your device in via its USB cable, and doesn't even need the light unit turning on; power automatically feeds through into whatever you're charging, and a percentage power level shows up on the light screen to help you monitor remaining battery life. When you've finished charging, the battery life indicator remains on the screen for a short period before disappearing automatically too. Likewise, charging the light through USB C is satisfyingly quick, with a battery percentage display helping you monitor progress towards 100%.

So for something so compact it certainly packs a lot of usability, but battery life is equally impressive. Clearly, luminance settings will play a role in affecting battery life positively or negatively, but I've never had issues using it on a full day's shooting, and can charge my phone without worry.

A range of accessories are included, with the box containing the following:
 - the light unit
- a mini ball head for hot/cold shoe mounting
- a foot for aiding standalone use
- USB A to USB C charging cable
- soft pouch to keep things tidy and together
Using the mini ball head in conjunction with the support foot makes the unit very stable, with adjustability in the ball head for different lighting angles if needed. Likewise, the light can be mounted on camera - great for lighting product shots and portraits, or using as a fill light for shooting interviews and vlogs.

This RGB video light packs so much punch into such a small, well made form factor, and Sunwayfoto have thought of so many features to add. However, the ease with which you can work your way through each mode to the setting you need is easy with the intuitive controls, helpful display and bonus colour wheel print. I mostly work with flash in my job as a property photographer, but focussing in very dark spaces can sometimes be impossible. Continuous light from the FL-70RGB can solve this problem though, and for shoots of any nature where you need to see the lighting effect live in front of you, continuous lighting trumps flash every time.

I have two of these, and always carry at least one in my kit bag, even if it's just to charge my phone in an emergency. If I forget to charge the units at home, I can plug them into the USB sockets in my car for a bit of juice en route.

They are incredibly bright, and just represent a great accessory for photographers and videographers of any genre. They feel fantastic in the hand and the buttons are satisfying to press. One interesting point to note with the rocker switch though, is that scrolling 'up' is done through anticlockwise rocks of the switch, where you'd instinctively think it'd be clockwise. This can lead to me starting my adjustments in the wrong direction, but is a minor negative in the grand scheme of things.

- Great style and design
- Well made, solid construction
- Wide range of available features
- Very bright
- Useful accessories included
- Good battery life

- Rocker switch increase adjustments work anticlockwise, not clockwise