Interior Portfolio
In my property photography I prioritise two things when it comes to interiors:
1. The portrayal of natural light
2. The layout of space wherever possible
While it can be challenging to work with natural light when it comes to internal photographs, the results always give a more realistic impression than relying solely on flash and artificial light. Turning on accent lighting can really help the atmosphere in a room, and I do use flash in combination with the ambient lighting, but I always aim to achieve results that look as natural as possible.
Likewise with the insides of properties, it is easy to take straightforward images of individual rooms, but these can lack the information needed for the viewer to understand how each of those rooms fits together. I always look out for opportunities to show the linkage of spaces so the flow of one area into another comes across in the image set. This, along with an accurate floor plan, can give an observer more than enough information to understand a property as much as possible without actually being in it.
Exterior Portfolio
Exterior photography can be broken down into three categories:
1. Ground based
2. Aerial imagery
3. Twilight shooting
Ground based photography is great for showing off smaller properties and their gardens, although aerial imagery can be a brilliant addition when it comes to highlighting the wider setting - the gardens, village, town or surrounding countryside, for example.
Aerial imagery is by far the best option when it comes to larger buildings though, as they can sometimes look unnatural when photographed from the ground - especially if they are shot close up where they give the impression they are looming over you. Not the look you probably want to go for. Elevated photography with a drone gives a much more balanced viewpoint, and as larger properties tend to have bigger grounds, these can be seen far easier from the air. And of course there is the unique perspective of a bird's eye view which will grab people's attention.
Finally, twilight shooting can give a whole new mood to an image, with the warm glow from within becoming irresistibly inviting. Where there is obvious flow between the property and outdoors, twilight shoots can set a real atmosphere for entertaining too.
Floor Plans
Floor plans can be a key aspect of a property's marketing materials, and give the observer the best indication of how a building is laid out. There are varying degrees of accuracy found in floor plans, but my results are highly accurate, with windows and kitchen units even measured to size. Whilst fancy 3D and colour plans are available, I tend to keep to simple black and white diagrams that are easy to interpret at a glance.
Property Photography Pricing
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