I am a proud member of the Sunwayfoto ambassador family, using their gear to achieve the highest level results in my work. I promote their products, test pieces of kit and provide feedback for their engineers and design teams.
They make some incredibly robust equipment and their ingenuity really pushes the boundaries of what you could imagine you'd need on a shoot. Their design and engineering team are innovative, and the build quality of their products is second to none, without sacrificing style. Relatively unheard of in the UK, they were formed in 2008 - which was around the same time I started getting into photography. I found them when in need of a camera-specific L bracket, and have since switched all my camera support gear over to their products.

As a company they are easy to communicate with, and are excellent at listening to feedback from photographers. They have a noticeable hunger to continue learning and improving - something that I feel very strongly about in my own work. Read on for my thoughts on some of the equipment of theirs I use, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Sunwayfoto Product Reviews
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